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Don Draper Advertises Pottery; Bloomingdale's Commercial

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CARROLL GARDENS—Brooklyn's Painted Pot is suggesting that you and your dad take a pottery class for Father's Day, and on their flyer, they've included a picture of Mad Men's Don Draper. Except that's probably something Don would never do. The Observer explains it like this: "First of all, Don Draper would never help his children paint a pot. An ashtray, maybe. Even then, he'd probably tell you to go make it yourself, dammit Sally, it's not a gift if I do all the work for you!" [NYO]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Today around noon, Bloomingdale's parked itself on Bowery between Prince and Stanton Streets to shoot its upcoming commercial. Most likely, as their past commercials would indicate, there was a lot of dancing. Anyone see it? [Bowery Boogie]