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Clean Out Your Closet at the eBay Selling Studio in Meatpacking

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Are you looking to make some room in your closet, but have yet to master the wide world of eBay? This weekend, the eBay Selling Style Studio will make a two-day only appearance in the Meatpacking District, with staffers there to assist with the process. Granted, it's not rocket science or anything, but listing your stuff will probably be a lot speedier with someone from eBay's "Chic Squad" there to give you some pointers.

To get in on the selling, stop by 675 Hudson Street from 11am to 7pm on Friday or Saturday. If you'd prefer to have Brad Goreski personally lend a hand, then arrive between 2pm and 4pm on Friday. You can bring as many items as you want, but make sure they're no more than gently worn. And, you know, that they're something people are going to want to buy.
· eBay Selling Style [Official Site]

eBay Selling Style Studio

675 Hudson Street New York NY