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Pure Yoga Instructor Allegedly Fired for Being Too Much of a Deity

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Image via Ali on the Run

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According to the Post, Pure Yoga instructor Marco Rojas was fired this week for "becoming a bit too big for his yoga pants." A source says that Rojas, who taught at both the Upper East and Upper West Side locations, was "treated by his clients as kind of a deity," though management saw him slightly different. Allegedly, his termination, which Rojas says happened 45 minutes before a class, occurred after he repeatedly suggested they begin offering yoga retreats.

Pure Yoga claims it was a mutual decision, but Rojas tells a different story. "Management thought I was difficult because I was trying to teach them how to do things in a yogic way. Managers are not yoga practitioners. I came to them with projects, and some of the managers didn't want to do it. They don't understand what it is to do a yoga retreat." Another thing they didn't understand? Why Rojas was also teaching at Pure Yoga's rival, Ishta Yoga.
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