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The Hordes Descended Upon the DVF Sample Sale this Afternoon

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What we found at the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale this afternoon: chaos and mayhem, in the form of hordes of stylish New York women on their lunch breaks. Around 1:45pm today, the line to get in to the sale stretched along half the block between 28th and 29th Streets, and it took about 20 or 25 minutes to get to the sales floor. Two bouncers outside maintained order on the line, which was split in half to allow traffic flow on Fifth Avenue. They told us the lines hadn't been nearly as long this morning.

Although Diane Von Furstenberg herself didn't make an appearance today, there wasn't much to be disappointed about otherwise. Once inside, we were relieved to see that every single rack was still fully stocked, with oodles of lace and crochet dresses for $130, summery shorts for $85, and endless tunics as well as colorful skirts both for $90. Standouts included a gorgeous embellished sliver Julian gown, originally $945 and now only $275. The sale also included great bags, priced at $285 for larger totes and $200 for smaller bags and clutches.

The sales floor is best described as an organized mess, and it's pretty impossible to find a single aisle that isn't packed with deal-hunters. A long line awaited shoppers at check-out when we were there, but it seemed to be moving pretty quickly. By 2:30pm, the line outside the sale was only half as long as when we first entered, so we're hoping the chaos dimmed down once lunch ended. Although very few shoppers walked out empty-handed, we were told that they will be restocking daily, as advertised.

Although the lines seem to be shortening, don't expect a calm shopping experience. We heard one woman yell among the racks, "Oh my god, it's a zoo over here!" But the spring and summer DVF items up for grabs are worth the push and shove.—Tanya Loss
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