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Notes on a Sandal: Inside the Matt Bernson Sale

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Let's start with the bad news: Matt Bernson has raised prices on his bi-annual sample sale. Last spring, all sandals and ballet flats were $40; this time around, they're mostly $50, with wedges going up to $70. If that's a deal-breaker for you, you might want to sit this one out. However, we're guessing lots of people will be willing to pay the extra $10 or $20 for comfortable, padded summer shoes that usually go for upwards of $130, and we're also reasonably certain you won't get better prices on Matt Bernson anywhere else.

Bernson used to hold his sale in Tribeca, most recently at 20 Harrison Street, but this spring he converted the space into a full-time boutique. This time around, the sale takes place at 19 Kenmare, a corner storefront in Nolita. It doesn't feel as big as previous sale locations, but it's filled with boxes and boxes of stock carrying women's shoes in sizes six through ten. (Guys, you'll find one box of men's footwear, but it's mostly size nine.)

Prices are denoted by colored stickers, with signs around the space explaining which color corresponds to which price. Starting from the low end and working our way upwards, vegan Dragonfly flip-flops are $20 (down from $70, and currently going for $32 on Amazon.) Smoking shoes made from Italian patent leather are $50 and primed to go fast; the selection isn't huge, so if you want a pair, get there now. Spring 2012 Love sandals—a sort of flip-flop/gladiator hybrid—are also going for $50, as are ballet flats.

The majority of the stock is seasonal, but if you're good at planning ahead, you can definitely prepare for next fall. Winter oxfords with a mini-wedge are $60, while hiking boots are $70. Some of the spring/summer 2012 wedges are going for $60 to $70 as well.

We got there before the crowds, but if this sale is anything like previous years, it should be a madhouse for the majority of the weekend. As always, Matt Bernson himself will be there helping customers. Hours run 11am to 7pm today, tomorrow and Sunday, and payment is cash-only.
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Matt Bernson

20 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013