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Despite Markdowns, Rachel Zoe's Sample Sale Is a Ghost Town

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Rachel Zoe's first-ever overstock and sample sale is totally promising. It's offering exactly what you would expect from the stylist-cum-designer: sharp blazers, boho maxis, sequins, leopard, and billowy trousers, across a range of sizes. There's a spacious fitting room and, as of this morning, there's an additional 30% off all previous apparel prices (but not shoes). Yet it's still a ghost town.

When we stopped by this morning, security guards and staffers out numbered shoppers at least three to one. The few shoppers who were checking out the goods gushed over each piece, but they couldn't get over the still-too-high prices. Sadly, we overheard that one girl will need to skip pre-gaming this weekend in order to take home a cute striped dress.

If you're looking for some wardrobe updates and can get over the pricing, this sale is probably worth a peek. You won't need to stand in line, and who doesn't love an excuse to fondle some sequins and silk? The infamous sequin copycat dress that Mizhattan highlighted earlier was abundantly available in two colorways for $122.50 (previously $175). We loved the colorful le smoking-style separates, with jackets for $175 and pants for $87.50 (previously $250 and $90). There's a seriously figure-flattering shirt dress with ruffled-bottom percolating in a few colorways for $122.50. And we bet most of you can't resist Zoe's signature maxi skirts and dresses for $63 and $175 (previously $90 and $250). You can check out the revised price list at the end of our photo gallery.

Considering the amount of merchandise left, we wouldn't be surprised by a second markdown closer to the weekend, but by then you might need to navigate some real crowds.

The sale continues daily from 10am to 8pm through Friday, June 29th and from 10pm to 4pm on Saturday, June 30th at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets. There's a sizeable fitting room towards the back of the sales floor. All bags and coats must be checked upon entrance; cash and credit are accepted.—Kiran
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