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How to Dress like a Gondolier; Seize sur Vingt Solves Emergencies

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THE INTERNET—Pick-up lines are so last year. The new way to a woman's heart is to...dress like a gondolier. Throughout his years as an oarsman in Central Park and elsewhere, Liam Daniel Pierce has perfected his gondolier's garb. Now, he's teaching other guys what he's learned. If the outfit isn't enough to win over the ladies, the singing lesson he includes no doubt will. [BirchBox Men]

MANHATTAN AND BROOKLYN—Nobody likes a fashion emergency—a coffee stain on a white shirt, a rip in a dress, and a broken heel are all cause for panic. But panic no more, because Seize sur Vingt is offering an emergency courier service through its website. The rush delivery service, which guarantees your clothing in under three hours, is complimentary for orders over $150 in Manhattan or Brooklyn made before 4pm on weekdays. We are pretty sure the numbers 1620 just replaced 911. [RackedWire]