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Prices Are High at Rachel Zoe's First-Ever Sample Sale

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The Rachel Zoe sample sale at 260 Fifth technically opens tomorrow, but we're told the press preview has essentially opened to the public. A tipster who wandered in earlier today writes, "Great selection but not worth the prices. I will go back on the last day." And Mizhattan agrees in her detailed report.

Tops are $100, short dresses are $175, and long dresses (a Zoe essential) are $250. Heels and sandals start at $150, and flats are $120. Basically, you're not going to get out of there for under $100 unless you're in the market for shorts, jeans, or mini-skirts, and even those aren't cheap. On the upside, the sizing is generous. Unlike at some sample sales, you can find merchandise ranging from size zero to 12.
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