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Locals Upset With UES Fairway; Let's Talk About Men in Flip-Flops

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UPPER EAST SIDE—The Fairway on East 86th Street has been open for a year now, but for some, that's been one year too long. According to DNAinfo, residents are saying the market's sidewalk congestion and noise levels have been a "travesty" lately. One resident, though, would beg to differ: "Part of the reason [Fairway] has the traffic is the neighborhood loves it. I can tell you it's changed the area. People love food." [DNAinfo]

SOHO—Yesterday, Gothamist hit the streets of Soho to find out what people really think of grown men wearing flip-flops. The general consensus? Don't. (One man even offered up the information that he's totally fine with going commando, but not with showing his toes.) Today, they've posted a rebuttle, though the lead photo of men in flip-flops probably isn't the most persuasive image for the cause. [Gothamist]


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