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Day Two of the Parker Sale Is Definitely Worth a Visit

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The Parker sale ends at 6pm tonight, but if you happen to have the next few hours free, a Racked spy tells us it's not a bad place to spend the afternoon. Prices aren't rock-bottom, but you'll find all sorts of good deals on little party dresses that often go for upwards of $300 at full price.

The brand revealed most of the pricing when they announced their sale, as you'll see in the Dealfeed. Silk tops and bottoms are $60, silk dresses are $80, and beaded tops and dresses are $100. In general, the attire is festive—expect tons of sequins. They've got sweaters for $50 and jackets for $100, but in general, the merchandise is seasonally appropriate. We even saw a bin of bathing suits.

The selection is relatively small, although it doesn't feel picked-over. The racks are still full, and everything is in its rightful place. The dressing rooms are makeshift—really just racks with drapes thrown over them. But that isn't stopping the trickle of dedicated shoppers. We didn't see a single person leave with empty hands, and there's not much more of an endorsement than that.
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