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Checking In on Soho's Luxe Boom: Tiffany, YSL, Balenciaga

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Tiffany, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are all planning to open Soho stores this year, but last time we checked, things were moving slowly at all three locations. Yesterday, we made the rounds for an update. Here's what we found.

According to the fine print outside the construction site, Tiffany will be opening this fall as promised. Workers confirmed that the store (at 97 Greene Street between Prince and Spring) is coming along smoothly and that it "shouldn't be much longer" until the construction ends.

However, Balenciaga (148 Mercer Street between Houston and Prince) and YSL (149 Mercer Street) aren't moving nearly as quickly. At Balenciaga, we found dust and rubble instead of handbags and shoes. Workers there said they weren't sure when construction would cease, but the scene didn't look too different from what we found in April.

As for YSL, we had high hopes that it would be ready around this time of year, but its padlocked site gave us no answer.—Tanya Loss
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