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Shop a Fashion Insider's Online Boutique, Help Women In Need

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StyleOwner lets you set up your own online store, pulling from a master closet stocked with goodies from Saks and Singer22, and other major e-commerce sites. Sell a product, and you'll make a 10% commission. It's a relatively easy way to moonlight as a store owner, but it's also got some cool charity implications, since you can also turn that 10% towards the good cause of your choosing.

Right now, fashion PR expert Jaqui Lividini of Lividini & Co is teasing out those implications with a store dedicated to Women In Need (WIN). Buy one of her selections—including Jimmy Choo heels, Alexander Wang by Linda Farrow sunglasses, and Kate Spade earrings—and a portion of sales will help homeless women and their families in New York City. It's a meeting of worlds for Lividini: Her company reps StyleOwner, and she's currently board chair of WIN. After the jump, she explains the project.

Are you involved with other non-profits, or is WIN really your baby?
When I had my daughter, Calliope, I loved her so much I wanted to give her everything. At some point early on, I realized through my acquaintance with WIN that there were women in our city who couldn't give their children anything—not even a roof over their head —yet loved them equally. That was truly an a-ha moment. I felt it was my personal mission to help these women take care of their children, and that's when I joined the WIN board.

In the time that you've worked with WIN, what's the accomplishment that you're most proud of? Any particularly moving success stories?
WIN is the largest homeless shelter system for Mothers and their children in New York City. Beside providing private and safe living accommodations for our families, we also provide services that help them re-enter the world with confidence, training and the tools they need to get back on their feet.

During the economic downturn, we lost a substantial amount of government funding. Through private fundraising, we were still able to maintain our services and provide for our families.

What made you want to work with StyleOwner?
Anyone who has ever dreamed of having her own boutique now can through the StyleOwner platform. Being an entrepreneur myself, I loved the concept that any woman (or man) who loves style could become a fashion entrepreneur.

Over the past few years, plenty of start-ups have tried to capture the fashion audience. What makes StyleOwner stand out?
Social selling is the future of e-commerce, and StyleOwner developed a smart and intuitive way to harness the power of a personalized recommendation from friends. From a technology standpoint, the site is innovative because it offers a universal shopping cart. There are over 60,000 products from nearly 2,000 brands on the site, yet, as a consumer, you check out in one place. You never have to leave the StyleOwner experience, so it makes the whole process seamless.

How much money are you hoping to raise? How much have you raised so far?
Well, I'm personally guilty of buying a Jil Sander top, Josie Natori dress and YSL shoes, so we must be doing pretty well!
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