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Eberjey's Swimwear and Lingerie Goes on Sale Tomorrow

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How's this for serendipity? It's the first official lounge-around-in-your-underwear heat wave of summer, and Eberjey happens to be hosting a two-day sale full of exactly the sort of lingerie you'd want to lounge around in. Better yet, they've also got swimwear—useful if you're planning to do your half-naked lounging somewhere slightly more public.

The sale kicks off tomorrow morning in a relatively small space at 40 E.34th Street. Pricing is very friendly, especially if you're going for basics: undies and bralets are $15, camisoles are $25, and chemises and nighties are $30. If you'd like a bra with underwire, you'll have to pay an extra $5—and do some digging. In general, ladies who need less support will do better at this sale, since the sizing runs small. (That's physical support; if you require emotional support, you should be in great hands, as the staff is very helpful.)

There's a full rack of swimwear, mostly bikini separates in bright colors. Suits cost $50, which might be the best swimwear deal we've seen at a sample sale so far this spring. The space has no officially designated fitting area, but staffers tell us that they're used to shoppers carving out a little try-on area in the corner. There's also a small stock of loose cover-ups for $40, and if you were very clever, you could probably figure out a way to change underneath one.

Other options: PJ sets are $50, while pajama pants without tops go for $25. Robes cost $40, and there's a small selection of cute baby clothes for $25 a pop. In general, you'll find more colors, prints, and options than are currently listed on the Eberjey website. Not everything is tagged according to size; if a piece has no size marked, assume it's a small.

The sale runs 9am—7pm tomorrow and 9am—4pm Friday. They won't be taking new markdowns at the end, but they will be replenishing a bit from a small reserve stock. Cash and credit are both accepted.
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