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The J.Crew Sample Sale Has Loads of Accessories

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We're going to level with you: When we first got news of the J.Crew sample sale starting at 260 Fifth Avenue today, we weren't sure how to feel about it. You can already find J.Crew merchandise for about 60% off retail during end-of-season markdowns in their stores. Then there's the J.Crew Factory outlets, which we can't help but visit when we go on mini-road trips. Plus, we haven't loved past J.Crew sample sales anyway (and neither have you).

So, when we got the opportunity to visit yesterday's press preview, we jumped at the opportunity to see the sale in its full un-plundered glory. We were reminded of why sample sales are so much better than end-of-season clearance racks. While the pricing matched your typical clearance rack (and we wish it were lower), we did love the offerings. This is a choice selection of classic J.Crew items, rather than leftover and unwanted trend pieces that were past their shelf life. For the best pickings, we recommend you go soon. Since accessories and shoes will move quickest, we're going to give you an overview of that first.

While there is no formal price list available, pricing is pretty consistent throughout the sale (except for J.Crew Collection items, which are priced as marked). All of the merchandise is divided into categories, and then each item is marked with its sale price.

Our favorite were the shoes. You can find them toward the back left of the sales floor in a full run of sizes. Espadrilles, flats, and sandals were available for $65, while heels and ankle boots were available for $100. Highlights included glitter spectator pumps, patent animal print pumps, and coral suede wedges, each for $100. There was also a small selection of men's wallabies and loafers for $100 (flanked with a basket of knit ties for $15 a piece). Based on past experience, we know these will move quickly.

If you continue to snake your way along the back of the sales floor you'll hit a basket of girl's flats for $15 and a rack of J.Crew Collection shoes, which are priced as marked. Generally, these were animal print pumps and flats. The pumps were available for $229, which is way too pricey; we suggest you skip these.

Nearby, smaller accessories are packed in among the kidswear offerings. Here we found racks upon racks of patterned and solid lightweight cotton scarves for $15. There were also small leather bags for $80 including J.Crew's envelope clutch style and some cross-body Madewell bags. We also found larger totes and hobo bags for $120. We tend to think that J.Crew leather handbags are overpriced and overrated, so we recommend ignoring this selection unless there's a particular past season style that you're coveting. Finally, there's bins upon bins of summer hats. Whether you want a panama, fedora, or a basic floppy hat, they're all mixed together and available for a flat $15 a piece.

To round out the tour of accessories, there's jewelry near the cash registers along the right side of the sales floor. We're talking classic J.Crew statement pieces, including those bubble necklaces that fashion bloggers are obsessed with. Prices start at $15 for rings and bangles and top out at $60 for those incessant bubble necklaces and other major statement pieces. Our favorites were the crystal and bead necklaces and vintage-inspired Madewell jewels, both available for $35 a piece.

The sale is open daily from 10am to 8pm through Saturday, June 23rd and from 12pm to 4pm on Sunday June 24th at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets. Lots of full length mirrors are available toward the back of the sales floor. All bags and coats must be checked upon entrance; cash and credit are accepted.

Up next: Our clothing report!—Kiran
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