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Freemans Sporting Club Introduces a Bespoke Suit Atelier

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If you're a fan of secret rooms and bespoke suits, then Freemans Sporting Club has just done you the ultimate favor with its Bench-Made Bespoke Studio. The private, appointment-only atelier is tucked behind a bookcase wall above the restaurant, where the shop's master tailor will hand-draw, hand-cut, and sew your suit from scratch during a 12-week period. Prices start at $3,950 for a two-piece suit, jackets start at $3,000, trousers start at $950, and vests start at $500. To complete the look, there's also a selection of Allen Edmonds dress shoes exclusive to the shop.

To celebrate the launch, Freemans teamed up with Sunday / Paper and Mission Chinese to create a seemingly unrelated but otherwise awesome Asian gangster movie. If you're fine with never eating pork again, you can watch that after the jump.

· Freemans Sporting Club [Official Site]

Freemans Sporting Club

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