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Get In Line Early Tomorrow for a Shot at Lauren Moffatt Swimwear

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Anyone who missed the chance to shop swimwear at the chaotic Mara Hoffman sale should get in line for Lauren Moffatt tomorrow morning. The two designers have very different styles: Hoffman is all about tribal motifs and '80s references, while Moffatt's look is sweeter and nods to the '60s. But if you're looking for bold prints and you want to spend less than $100, you should walk away satisfied—assuming you get there early enough.

Pricing at the sale is simple: Zooey Deschanel-esque dresses and outerwear are $130, while swimwear, bottoms, and tops are $90. Those two price categories make up the bulk of the merchandise, but you'll also find navy capes for $80, shoes and pillows for $40, and tote bags for $20.

The sale consists mainly of stock left over from the website, with the occasional sample thrown in. That means there's not a lot of merchandise available—just four or five racks that won't be replenished once they empty out. If you're a big fan, you're not going to want to sleep in tomorrow.

Sizing generally tends towards the small end of the spectrum, though we did spot a few large tops. The triangle-spotted Driver 8 print was well represented in the form of tanks (usually $229), shorts (usually $249), silky tank dresses (usually $355), and Peter Pan collar dresses (usually $365). You'll find the pretty paisley Jerry Was a Racecar Driver print in dresses (once $349) and midi skirts (once $265).

The painterly teal Road to Nowhere print was also abundant, though we only found two of the sundress (really cute, and marked down from $315.) Those were in sizes 0 and 2, and the size 2 had a broken strap—easy enough to fix, if you're motivated. It's worth noting that other than the shoes, which seemed slightly crushed, everything else looked to be in great condition.

Since the sale takes place in Lauren Moffatt's studio, there's no fitting room, so prepare to change in public. Don't worry about Peeping Toms, though: There's a "No men allowed" sign hanging on the front door. Lauren herself was at today's press preview and said she'll be around tomorrow, since, after all, she works on the other side of the racks. Her studio is located at 214 West 29th Street, and the sale runs 8am to 7pm tomorrow and 9am to 6pm on Wednesday.
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