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Presenting the Winner of Our Weddings Week Contest

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Our second annual Weddings Week may have come to a close, but we still have a contest winner to announce. This year, we asked you to submit your best piece of wedding advice, the results of which were significantly less traumatizing than last year's worst bridesmaid dress contest.

The winner will be receiving a $500 gift card to Barneys, but don't be too jealous—her advice may someday save you from your own wedding-related meltdown. Click through to see what we mean.

You know that scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte drips red wine on her dress during the ceremony? Yeah, that happened to me. Except it was an entire glass spilled all over the front of my dress by a guest (accidentally, of course) 20 minutes into the cocktail hour. Then came an emergency trip back to the bridal suite, where we tried to work our magic with all sorts of home remedies—club soda, even Wite-Out—until a close friend/guest came running into the room and saved the day: White wine gets out red!

We spilled entire bottles of white wine down my dress, and while I may have smelled like a bar the rest of the night, moments later my dress was spotless! So, the first piece of advice is don't serve red wine during cocktail hour. But if all else fails, have lots of white wine on hand.

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