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The Rag & Bone Sale Has Been Thoroughly Pillaged

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Walking into the Rag & Bone sale yesterday afternoon, it was immediately clear that the after-work crowd meant business. Racks were jam-packed with shoppers loading up clothes by the armful. The knits table was almost completely inaccessible. Discarded goods were strewn all over the tops of the racks and the floor, and, unwilling to wait for entry to the communal dressing room, girls were stripping down and trying things on in the hidden corners of the sale. In short: It was mayhem.

We'll get the bad news out of the way first. The summer shoes have already been completely pillaged—there was one rack of remainder shoes with a big sign that said "No additional sizes." The multicolored maxi skirts also went fast. By end of day yesterday, the only color with much stock left was a drab olive green. Accessories were depleted; only a few hats and wallets remained. And if you're a size extra-small or small hoping to get out of the sale for under $100, you can just about forget it. You likely won't get out for under $300—if you're lucky.

The pieces that were left in small sizes were the expensive ones. And the knits table was a bit misleading, as it also contained tees from the regular Rag & Bone label (rather than the cheaper Knit label), which were priced as shirts for $115 instead of the tee-shirt price of $40. The one corner of hope for frugal size smalls is the rack by the women's dressing room, where there's a stash of Knit tee-shirt dresses in black, lavender, and orange in all sizes.

Now for some good news. Tons of beautiful summer blazers were left, as were chunky open-knit sweaters. And if you're in the mood to prepare for fall and winter, some great shoes and booties were left. Cocktail dresses seemed to also be in good supply, and in a range of sizes. The color teal predominated half the racks, with cute short-sleeved dresses , blouses, sweaters, and blazers abounding. The tees table was well-stocked in size medium and up.

Finally, if you loved that blue layered dress mentioned before, you should be able to find it in your size. And if not, you can snag it on the sale rack at Saks, where it's likely to go to a second markdown this weekend.—Mallory Farrugia
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