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Five Unusual Venues From the Times Wedding Announcements

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Fact: Not every couple profiled in the New York Times wedding announcements gets married at The Plaza. To keep things interesting, many of the Chosen Couples choose alternative locations, like farms, vineyards, or a friend's backyard in Connecticut. But then there are the couples who pick locations you really wouldn't expect to find in the Vows column—like, Aspen Mountain. Read on for five unusual wedding venues, plucked straight from the Times.

1. The Museum of Science, Boston
Sarabeth Berman and Evan Osnos may have met in Beijing, where they both currently work, but they chose to get married at the Museum of Science in Boston, whose address is appropriately 1 Science Park. Their proposal, though, happened right in the thick of New York City—literally. "In October 2010, Ms. Berman was midway through an extended work trip in New York when, unbeknown to her, Mr. Osnos also flew to New York to surprise her. He found her on a weekend morning, while she was having coffee on a bench in Riverside Park. He knelt in the mud and proposed."

2. The Southern Museum of Flight, Alabama
Caitlin Morgan Holcomb and Matthew Edward Kaprocki really know how to run with a theme. When they were married this past March at the Southern Museum of Flight, the Anglican priest who officiated was also a retired Air Force chaplain. It all makes sense, though: The bride's father is a pilot, as is her new husband, and the two met when he was a flight instructor and she was his student. However, the flight school had rules against student-teacher fraternizing, so Caitlin asked that he be removed as her instructor. Once that was taken care of, they went on their first date.

3. Museum of American Finance, New York
For some, there's nothing more romantic than the crisp, clean smell of money, which is maybe why Elana Beth Wilf and Brett Evan Tanzman tied the knot at the Museum of American Finance. The location's website explains that it's "dedicated to celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the democratic free market tradition which has made New York City the financial capital of the world." If that doesn't get you in the mood, it does have a beautiful staircase.

4. Aspen Mountain, Colorado
Though neither Alison Berkley or Ryan Margo are native to Colorado, living in the state for several decades between them is probably the reason they decided to hightail it up the Aspen Mountain for their wedding. On the day of the ceremony, before the sky became "unexpectedly, thoroughly blue," there was rain, thunderstorms, and snow on the mountaintops, which the Times says "was a microcosm of Ms. Berkley's single years." By the time they said "I Do," it was a microcosm no longer: 110 guests also made the schlep to witness the nuptials.

5. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, New York
The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Chelsea does more than just stock books and sell espresso—it also doubles as a wedding venue, and
Kimberly Burns and Amy Lemen rented it out for their wedding earlier this week. Google it, and you'll find several please Yelpers who have all had their nuptials there, proving that the shop has even more to offer than charitable paperbacks.
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