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Get Styling Advice from the Experts at the Nicholas K Sale

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At the Nicholas K sample sale, which may be the most civilized sale we've seen in a while, the shoppers seem as relaxed as rockers incognito, and the beats have that cool, downtown vibe fitting for its location in Meatpacking. All of the clothing is merchandised by color—including a lot of rust, green, beige, black, and blue. If you ever dreamed of a designer filling your dressing room with items to try on, Christopher Kunz, who founded the company with his sister, Nicholas, was on hand today for your beck, your call, and your harassment.

When asked what some of his favorite pieces were, Kunz directed us toward the prints and jackets. The watercolor prints come in a variety of styles, from maxi dresses to airy tops. "They have this sort of alligator undertone. They are not a true print either—they have this washed-out feel," he said. He also pointed to an asymmetrical, draped leather jacket that comes in a soft, buttery caramel or black. Transitional, functional, get it. His last pick, a white loose jacket, was so intricately constructed it needed a demonstration. It contained both a lightweight hood for a little edge and a stronger hood for more coverage, as well as a cinch belt for when you don't want so much volume.

There are plenty of other covet-worthy styles to choose from. Overstock items are in the front and samples are in the back, with a different price list for each. For example, overstock leather jackets are $360, other jackets are $150, and dresses/skirts are $140. Samples are $200, $100, and $75, respectively. Though samples are cheaper for the most part, you'll find the best size selection in the overstock. There was also a fair amount of men's merchandise, including some killer leather boots for $100.

Kunz suspects it will start getting pretty crowded after hours and on the weekends, so plan accordingly. Drop by if you want him to pick out more of his favorites or maybe even tell him about your own favorite Nicholas K pieces in your closet. We did. A shearling leather bomber jacket—in case you were wondering.

The sale runs through 7pm tonight, and picks back up at 11am tomorrow. Check the dealfeed for more details, and click through the slideshow for the complete pricing of sweaters, pants, shoes, accessories, and more.
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