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Ninth Avenue Is Packed with Yves Saint Laurent Fans this Morning

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The Yves Saint Laurent sale opens to the public at 9am today, and it sounds like a doozy. Below, Danielle Desmond reports live from the line outside the W. 33rd Street venue. For pricing, or to join the discussion about what's inside, head right this way.

8:15am: Morning! I just arrived. The line begins on 33rd Street and is starting to wrap around to Ninth Avenue.

8:25am: It's now almost to 32nd Street.

8:35am: The line is mostly women. Unlike at some sales, they're not wearing the label to the sale—I've actually seen more Alexander Wang bags than YSL.

8:45am: People are cutting in line, which is annoying. It's moving a bit, though.

Another look at the line via @sethmrosen/Twitter

9:02am: I've moved probably half a block, so I believe they've started letting people in. The line control is pretty strict.

9:11am: I'd say there are about fifty people in line in front of me—maybe more.

9:15am: Apparently there's another 50-person line inside, though. This might take a while.

9:34am: We haven't moved in a while. People are starting to sit down in line.

10:03am: At this rate I don't think we'll be in before 11am, and it's starting to rain.

10:14am: I'm glad I brought an umbrella, but today is not the day to wear a flowy dress.

10:40am: The first wave seems to be coming out, bags in hand. One guy I talked to estimated another 45 minutes from here.

The line inside the building.

11:34am: I'm in the building finally! And it only took three hours and fifteen minutes. Up next: Waiting in the line that snakes up the stairs.

11:47am: One of the guys working the sale just told me the Wellies are "to die for" and only $50.

11:54am: They just told us no photography is allowed inside the sale. Anyone caught taking a photo will have to leave.

For a full report from inside the sale, step right this way.

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