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Many Hours Later: Head Over to YSL for the Shoes, Not the Bags

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During our nearly four-hour wait to get into the Yves Saint Laurent sale today, we saw a lot of people come out with huge shopping bags. By the time we made it inside, the anticipation was almost too much to handle. What we found: a bit of a mess. The sale is packed with customers carrying arm-fulls of bags and as many shoe boxes as they can hold. Items are strewn about the floor while shoppers decide which things make the final cut.

Prices for bags are divided into six color groups: purple stickers are $800, pinks are $700, greens are $600, oranges are $500, blues are $400, and yellows are $200. When we got inside, unfortunately most of the good bags were already all gone.

There were no Easys, and the only Muse bag we found was in straw with brown leather handles for $500. Some Downtowns in black remained, ranging from $600 to $800 depending on the size, while Multys in purple and navy were going for $500. All of the wallets were gone too. We asked if they would be restocking but were told by a couple employees that they hoped so but didn't know for sure.

On the upside, there are some really cute small suitcases in black patent with gold accents for $800. You can also still find "exotic" bags behind the jewelery counter. The Rive Gauche Ostrich bag is $1,800, the Cana Chyc Leopard bag is $1,200, and the Roady in Python is $2,000. Also, please note that there is a five bag limit. That means hoarders will occasionally return the bags they don't want, so the bag area is filled with lurkers just waiting to snatch any treasures that might appear.

Other accessories: Black card cases with the YSL logo on them were $50. Wallets were $100; no wonder they were all gone. Small accessories including cuff links were $50. There were a surplus of belts in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors. All belts are $50 unless marked otherwise. We found mostly wide styles and in black here.

Swimwear is $50 and most of it was picked over when we got to it. Leggings are also $50, including a pair we located in grey snakeskin. Sunglasses are $75 and there are about 15 different styles to choose from. Jewelry is $50 and consists mainly of large colorful, cocktail rings.

The shoes are gorgeous—fully worth the monstrous wait. There are so many Tributes in a rainbow of colors and all sizes for $350. Sizes range from 34-42. The Trib Too pump is $350, as are sandals and all boots and booties. (However, sandals are flying out in the larger sizes.) Other shoes are $200, while damaged pieces are priced as marked. The Welly boot is only $50 and comes in black, navy, rose, and hunter green.

Yesterday we gave you the prices for both men's and women's Ready-To-Wear, but let's quickly review them again. Men's belts are $50 and ties and pocket squares are $25, although we didn't see too many of either left. Also worth noting: Shirts are $100 and there are plenty of those left. Jackets are $300 and most pants are $150.

The women's RTW racks are fully stocked and ready to be shopped. We found a lot of coats and outerwear in here, like a 100% cashmere coat, originally $8,200 but now $600. Blazers and tailored jackets are plentiful; check the black and red rosebud jacket for $300, originally $2,490. We found a fuchsia bell-shaped coat in the mix for $1,799, down from $4,490. Make sure you dig. We managed to unearth a fur and leather jacket, originally $11,250, marked down to only $1,500. ("Only" is relative, obviously.)

The sale runs until Friday at Soiffer Haskin at 317 W. 33rd Street. If what we saw today is any indication, the good stuff among what's left will go fast. Consult the dealfeed for hours and more details.
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