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Can You Register for Your Wedding at Opening Ceremony?

Image via <a href="">Opening Ceremony</a>
Image via Opening Ceremony

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Unlike Miley Cyrus, most of us don't get engaged at 19. In fact, the median age of first marriage for Americans just keeps getting higher and higher. That makes buying wedding gifts complicated, since by the time we tie the knot, we've had years to accumulate all the pots and pans we'll ever need.

There are all sorts of new online registries designed to help couples sign up for gifts like honeymoon funds, but what if you want to go full-on crazy extravagant and register for, say, a Mary Katrantzou mini-dress? In a repeat of last year's experiment, we tried to register for an imaginary wedding at a range of non-traditional places around town. Here are the results.

Opening Ceremony: "That's actually a really good question. Let me check with my manager for the specifics for that." Puts manager on the phone. "Yeah, we haven't actually done that in the past, but if you wanted to come in to order items to put on a list and hold them to, um, suggest to your guests, that could be possible."

Fivestory: "Um, hold on one moment. [Laughs.] We just opened business a few months ago so there's a few things we haven't put together just yet."

Fairway: "Uh huh. Wait, what did you say? No, no, no we don't do that."

Babeland: "Um, we don't actually have the ability to do that. Hold on one second to see if there's other options." Pause. "So we've never done that before, but we could figure something out for you. We have three locations near you. What I could do is make a wish list for you at all three locations and update it through the computer, and we could cross off the items that were purchased at any of the locations. Does that work for you?"

Conclusion: Believe it or not, if you want to register for a cutting-edge wardrobe or an arsenal of sex toys, somebody in this town will indeed be willing to accommodate you. If you want to register for a lifetime's worth of lox, though, you're on your own.
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