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The Rebecca Minkoff Preview Was a Mob Scene Yesterday

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Yesterday's Rebecca Minkoff sample sale preview was easy enough to wander into even though it was supposed to be a preview. Naturally, that made it rather chaotic. There was a lot of handbag snatching and the some tables were even emptying out, but don't worry—the staffers knew what to expect, and they restocked before the sale opened this morning. (Look for a more detailed post with an update about what's left a little later this afternoon.)

The vast majority of the merchandise consists of handbags. Pricing is confusing, but a mini MAC will set you back $135 and a quilted MAB goes for $300. There are posters with prices all over the walls (you can see them in our slideshow above), but some items aren't listed—not even in the pricing guides carried by the employees.

In addition to the bags, look for a decent shoe selection and some clothes, mainly jackets. There's a dressing room, but it does little to provide privacy, so wear a tank top. You might also want to wear comfortable shoes: The line to get in was about 45 minutes long last night, and there's no way things are going to be quieter today.—Jamie Cooper
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