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Chris Burch Sued by Former Employee for "Only Hiring Gay Men"

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The New York Post reports that Chris Burch is currently facing a $1 million lawsuit, due to allegededly discriminating against straight men. Jamie Ardigo, a former employee at Burch's investment firm, says he was fired after complaining about "offensive" gay remarks made by both Burch and his girlfriend, Monika Chiang.

Ardigo claims that Burch said he "only hired gay men because they were productive and he trusted them." The Post doesn't detail what Monika said, except that Ardigo found it "inappropriate." Adrigo was fired from his Human Resources position in February, but Burch's lawyer denies that it had anything to do with the comments. Or that the comments existed at all. "The defendants deny the allegations of discrimination and retaliation set forth in the complaint and are prepared to mount a vigorous defense."
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