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At the Rebecca Minkoff Sale: Usual Prices, Usual Crowds

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This morning's rain did nothing to deter the 100-plus Rebecca Minkoff devotees who came out for today's sample sale. When the doors opened at 10am, it was like a swarm of bees attacking the plethora of small leather goods, handbags, shoes and clothing. Savings are approximately 30% to 70% off of handbags and accessories at this sale, which is pretty wide range. But the good news is that the frenzy at the press preview doesn't seem to have put a dent in the amount of merchandise on sale.

For the most part, prices haven't changed since last time around. There were a ton of M.A.B. and M.A.B. minis for $300 and $275, respectively (originally $525 and $495). M.A.C. clutches are $170 (originally $295) and M.A.C. minis are $135 (originally $195). M.A.C. clutches appeared to be the most popular items. 3 Zip bags are $105 (originally $195), Stud and Eyelet Rockers are $170 (originally $330) and Nikki Hobos are $275 (originally $595).

Tables are organized by bag style and the corresponding price list is above each table. We admit it can be a bit confusing trying to find the price of each bag so we recommend finding a staffer with their price list to help you. You'll find sample handbags near the back of the room. These are one of the best deals at the sale so it is well worth your time to look through them. The bags we looked at showed no or very little damage.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of Ben Minkoff bags. Leather dopp kits were $65 (originally $125), Michael Weekenders were $350 (originally $650), leather URZ were $260 (originally $475) and leather Milo totes were $270 (originally $495).

By the time we turned around to go and checkout the selection of shoes, it was a mob scene. We felt sorry for the lone staffer working that section, but we've attached the price list if you happen to make it to the very back of the room. When we were there, it looked as if the size and style selection was pretty good.

The sale runs through to Sunday, May 13 and restocking will occur throughout the sale.—Pam Krywy
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