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The Nanette Lepore Sale: Neon, Swim, and So Many Samples

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Whenever we arrive at a Nanette Lepore sale, the first thing we do is head towards the samples on the far wall. Some sales have better selections than others, but at the sale that opened this morning on W. 35th Street, the assortment is really good.

Both sides of the far row are jammed with samples—and very few are ones we've seen before. There are a lot of warm weather knits, dresses, tops, and even some neons. And the prices are excellent: pants and skirts are $40, tops are $40 and $60, sweaters are $50 and $60, dresses are $75, and jackets are just $95. Most of the garments in this section are size twos, but there are a few rogue larger-size returns from previous seasons mixed in, so it's worth taking a look.

Even if you don't find any samples in your size, there are plenty more great pieces to choose from at the sale, including a number of designs from the neon Spring 2012 runway collection—which has been a big seller for the brand. Most of the sale, however, consists of non-fluorescent pieces, including dresses at $145, jackets at $195 to $275 and skirts, pants, and tops all at $95. There's also a large selection from Nanette's lower priced Oonagh line. These range from $40 for tees to $120 for some really fab maxi dresses and jumpsuits.

Also, for the first time at a Nanette Lepore sample sale, you'll be able to purchase the designer's adorable swimwear. The brightly printed bathing suits are all two pieces and cost $75 per set.

You'll find that the best deals of the sale are its accessories. There's no jewelry this time around, but there are two tables covered with various styles of leather purses, which are all selling for just $75 each. The biggest steals at the sale, however, are its footwear. Both shoes and boots are just $60 a pair, including high heels and wedges. There are some great styles, but while a few pairs are in shoe boxes, most appear to be samples. Those are bagged and arranged by size in large boxes, so you'll have to do some digging. But for $60 a pair, who minds a little digging?

The sale runs through 9am through 7pm today through Thursday in the Garment District. Consult the Dealfeed for more details.
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