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Here Are the $85 Borough-Pride Tees You've Been Waiting For

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Want the world to know what borough you live in without actually having to tell them? Opening Ceremony's T-shirts from Brooklyn We Go Hard will do just that. For $85 a pop, you can pick between a plain black tee with "Brooklyn" embroidered on it, or a white one for either Queens or Williamsburg, which of course, isn't actually a borough. As of now, though, none of these handsome male models are repping Staten Island, The Bronx, or Manhattan.

The brand's designers, David Obadia and Nelson Hassan, are based out of Paris, so naturally, Opening Ceremony conducted a Paris vs. New York lightening round. According to the duo, Parisians wear berets and New Yorkers wear "snapbacks," the best movie about New York is Do the Right Thing, and one of the top myths about New York is that "there are hot dog and pretzel vendors on every corner." Nope, that honor goes to Duane Reade.
· Brooklyn We Go Hard: Paris vs. New York [Opening Ceremony]

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