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There's Absolutely No Line at the AllSaints Warehouse Sale Today

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What we found when we dropped by the AllSaints warehouse sale for a spot check: no line. None. It's a little hard to believe considering the chaos of the sale three days ago, but today it was very quiet. There are no additional price cuts and no replenishment of merchandise, but don't worry, there's plenty left. We saw racks and racks of tees as well as a nice selection of jeans and dresses.

Be careful of the pricing, because it's confusing. Most items have a white price tag sticker stuck on top of the original price tag, often covering the original price. It's not until the register that many shoppers discover that the price is 70% off the original price, not the white one (which is always less than the original). The white sticker prices are left over from a previous sale.

Also, watch out for damaged items. When trying on the beaded top pictured in our first post about the sale ($97.50 down from $325), we discovered that the zipper was completely broken. It's a little difficult to see everything in front of you since the room is poorly lit and the clothes themselves are mostly black.

That said, the sale is definitely still worth a trip. It's practically empty, and although the prices aren't as good as the white price stickers may suggest, they're not bad. What caught our eye was a trench coat for $90 (originally $300), a tee for $18 (originally $60), a skirt for $70 (originally $250), and a vest for $45 (originally $150.)

Sizes run a bit large: We couldn't find a pair of shorts under size 30. The men's selection seems to be going strong, considering how few guys were actually there. Overall, it seems a little picked through, but there are some gems left to be had.—Jamie Cooper
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