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The WGACA Sale Has All the Cut-Off Shorts You Can Handle

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The What Goes Around Comes Around sample sale officially kicks off today in Williamsburg, and from the looks of the preview last night, it could single-handedly keep the entire borough clad in denim cut-off shorts all summer. Yes folks, if you woke up this morning with a hankering for vintage Levi's, then you might want to swing by and snag a pair or two for $25 a pop before the neighborhood swallows them whole. (We may have already made a dent in the supply—but they're restocking!)

In addition to that, the sale is full with plenty of other vintage, as well as WGACA's own collection. Price tags are a little higher for collection items, but the going rate for the rest of the vintage is downright cheap. Tank tops and leggings start at $5, silk scarves are $10, shoes start at $25, and an entire bin of brown leather purses are all $35.

All of the racks are grouped by category, and from there, most are color coordinated. On the women's side, there are two full racks of dresses and tops in blues, greens, and other likeminded hues. Here, we spotted a WGACA collection blue top with beading detail for $75. We had to fight to get close to the rack of red dresses, and once we made it in, we found a printed red vintage dress from Adele Simpson for $125 (from $650). Still pricey, but it was arguably one of the best finds.

On the cheaper end of things, we unearthed a light pink crocheted poncho for $35 on the rack full of paler colors by the window. On the tables, there are more scarves for $15, denim mini skirts for $35 (warning: some are bedazzeled), and black studded floppy-tongue boots for $75. Non-studded boots are only $30.

For men, flannels start at $35 and cap off around $50 for the WGACA collection. Suede jackets are going for $30, there are leathers starting at $100, and vintage varsity jackets are $30 to $50. And there's definitely a boatload of denim jackets and shirts for $30. As far as accessories go, leather satchels in medium and large sizes are both $50, and Brixton hats (also bedazzled) are $50 as well. Workboots, however, are only $25.

And now, a word on sizing. Most of the vintage items are labeled "sample size," so let's just say you should probably try everything on, since you never know with "sample size" and you also never know with "vintage." (Note: There are fitting rooms.) That being said, we saw plenty of varying waistbands in the pants department, which included the abovementioned cut-off shorts, as well as regular jeans, colored denim, and corduroys, if you're planning on staying indoors all summer.

The sale is slated to end on Sunday, but WGACA's Gerard Maione explained to us that they're actually test driving the space for three whole months, and if all goes well, they just might stick around for longer. While the store won't be an outlet per se, the prices will stay relatively low. However, Gerard assured us that if a customer requests more elaborate items, then that's what they'll get.
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