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Get Your French Kicks at the A.P.C. Overstock Sale

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In a gallery in Brooklyn all covered in vines live racks of A.P.C. in a few straight lines. Actually, there might not be any vines on the outside of the Invisible Dog Art Center in Cobble Hill, which is where the APC overstock sale takes place. But inside, the vibe is very Madeline: drop-waisted dresses, preppy sweaters, girlish flats. At last night's preview, there were multiple dogs running around. We even saw a sailor top in the men's section—it was that French.

The pricing is well-marked and pretty wonderful: jeans for $30, flats for $40, dresses for $50. See a leather bag you like? That will be $55, s'il vous plaît. And the selection for women is enormous, so ladies should plan to spend a while digging through the racks. Some of it is odd, and some of is is a little boring, but given the wide range, you're sure to find something you'll like if you like A.P.C.

Women's sits to the right of the door when you enter the long, narrow third-floor space. Racks running down the body of the room hold denim, including some very of-the-moment seafoam green jeans; jackets ($40 for denim, $50 for army surplus, $100 for everything else), sweaters ($55), and an enormous array of shirts. The bright prints were disappearing fast last night, but don't overlook the more subdued pieces. We managed to unearth a silk boat-neck top in green-and-gray gingham that felt very "Amélie goes to brunch." Like all the tops, it was $45.

On the far right wall you'll find dresses, including easy Madras shifts and wild printed pinafores. A.P.C.'s standard "What ees this thing you call a 'waist'?" fit means it helps to try everything on, and there is indeed a fitting room, although it's really just two screens shoved together in a corner. Last night while we changed, there was a man standing directly in the entrance, chatting away with a female companion as she took off her pants. Wear a tank top just to be safe.

On women's shoes: Boots are $100, shoes are $80, flats and sneakers are $40. The sizing runs large, so 40s and 41s should do quite well.

As for the men's merchandise, that's off to the left and priced exactly like the women's. The selection isn't nearly as abundant, and there are fewer styles represented. That makes it easier to shop, at least. On the women's side, if you see a top you like, it might only exist in XS and L, whereas on the men's side, there are fewer shirts but more sizes (though larges will find more options than smalls.) We liked a yellow-and-gray striped polo, though it was a bit boyish. Seersucker and tweed jackets were appealing for $100, and there are many pairs of pants as well as a smallish shoe section. Note: Men also have their own dressing room.

The sale runs from 10am to 8pm today and Saturday and from noon to 6pm Sunday. It's not in a neighborhood known for sales, but the location sits less than a block from the Bergen Street subway stop, and the F appears to be behaving itself this weekend. Consult the Dealfeed for more details, and check out the price list in the gallery above.
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