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Making Sense of Day Two of the Manolo Sample Sale

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When we arrived at 7:30 this morning to check in on day two of the Warwick Hotel's Manolo sample sale, we found 15 ticket-less people sitting in the holding room quietly chatting, fiddling with smart phones, and waiting on the Manolo staffer to show up. Forty-five minutes passed and the group kept growing larger and chattier. More than a few of these folks made it into the sale yesterday, so all sorts of rumors and tidbits were being shared:

· There's lots of variety among the stock in all sizes. If you have a general style or type of shoe in mind, digging will be rewarded. One women was making a round of calls asking her friends and family to send her "inspiration" photos for what she should pick up for them.
· Lots of bridal shoes were available, but they vanished quickly. Sizes 34 and 35 still have hope.
· By the the sale closed yesterday, shoppers had started cutting the strings that held pairs together in order to de-tangle the mess. This was helpful in some regard, but also meant that shoes were getting lost and mismatched. Staffers planned to re-pair shoes in advance of today's opening. Sample Sally's got the goods on that conundrum.

When Manolo' staffer showed up at 8:15am she unveiled the state of play. At 9am, she said, they would start where they left off yesterday: Group 2. Note that the although last ticket number "officially" called yesterday was Group 1, Sample Sally and our commenters report that there was a last minute cattle call around 3pm yesterday where they let in anyone with a ticket number that had not already been mentioned (i.e, Group 2 onwards).

This morning they're handing out numbers starting with Group 55. This means that nearly 550 people (Groups 2 through 54) are going to be called first. There is no guarantee that any of today's numbers will be called, but it all depends on how many people with numbers from yesterday show up.

If you have a Group 55 or onwards number, the staffer suggests you leave and check back in around 11am. If your number is called in your absence, you can get in right away. The last numbers will be called at 1pm and the sale will close at 2pm. We're in Group 56. If this gets us anywhere, you'll be the first to know.—Kiran

Update: We're in! They're now on Group 66.
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