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Don't Stop By the AllSaints Warehouse Sale on Your Lunch Break

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The AllSaints sale is absolute chaos. While there's no line to get in, the line at the register is insane. One shopper advised us to walk right out the door and said that she had been waiting for over an hour and a half to check out. We were also told that there was double the amount of people shopping yesterday—we can't even imagine what it will be like tomorrow, the only Saturday of the sale.

On the bright side, the amount and variety of the stock is astounding. No cat fights over anything at this sale. There are racks on racks on racks of merchandise priced up to 70% off. Price conversions are conveniently posted on the walls so you know exactly what to expect.

The top floor is all menswear. It was dominated by the lengthy register line while we were there. We found a lot of short-sleeve polos, marked down to only $15, a variety of men's denim, and an array of long- and short-sleeve shirts under $25. This sale is great if you are looking to replenish your basics.

Downstairs, you'll find men's and women's accessories, shoes for both sexes, and women's clothing. As far as shoes, there are about eight styles to choose from in women's—lmainly boots—and even fewer styles for men. We did manage to come across a pair of tall, black leather boots, originally $440, now only $132.

As for the women's section, it's enormous. Take your time going through the racks and you'll find some really great buys. The sale is definitely better than last time around, but you'll still have to push past merchandise that clearly didn't do so well in-stores. You'll find a lot of beaded tops and dresses. We also saw many black taffeta dresses and tons of sweaters towards the back. Overall, the color scheme is quite dreary. As for the denim: lots of styles in sizes 25-30. There is just one rack of coats and jackets containing longer puffy styles as well as light-weight army-style pieces; prices weren't marked;

There's no fitting room, but if you're lucky, you can find two full racks that are crammed together and change behind them, as many women were doing. The sale runs until Tuesday and is open daily from 11am to 8pm.
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