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The Helmut Lang Sample Sale Is Not for the Faint of Heart

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Today's much-anticipated Helmut Lang sample sale opened early to a frenzied mob of approximately 75 people. The crowd was so wild that we had a hard time taking photos, since every time we tried to get a picture of something, someone would come along and either snatch it off the rack or push in front of us. It was like shopping with a swarm of locusts who feed on asymmetrical clothing.

Discounts are generally up to 65% off clothing, but slightly higher for leather goods (bags, accessories, and of course pants). Tees, blouses, dresses and vests were the most popular items this morning, with sweaters and pants left virtually untouched. A wide variety of sizes exists in all items, and restocking will occur throughout the sale.

There's no one price list for the sale, but you'll find sample prices noted above the racks. Small handbags are $99, medium to large handbags are $159 to $249 respectively, and belts are $39. Pants go for $99, sweaters for $139, skirts for $79, tees for $59, woven dresses for $179, blouses and vests for $99, and leather pants for $349(originally $990 and $1,295). All the merchandise appeared to be in pristine condition so you don't need to waste your time checking for holes, snags or rips.

There is a small dedicated changing area with a ten-item limit, though nobody in line seemed to be obeying that rule. (We also didn't see anyone enforcing it, though that could have changed by now.) By the time we were leaving, the line to the changing room had stretched to about 30 people, so it could take a while. We suspect the wait is only going to get worse as the day progresses.

Bottom line: If you know what you want and know your size in Helmut Lang, grab like a madwoman and head straight to the cash register to get out as soon as possible.—Pam Krywy
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