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Big Brooklyn Style, Starring Lee Lee's Valise, Has Arrived on TLC

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Yesterday, Big Brooklyn Style premiered on TLC, starring Court Street's very own Lee Lee's Valise plus-size boutique. The makeover show centers around the store's owner and designer, Lisa Dolan, and her customers—each bringing with them some concerns on what looks best on their bodies. For example, last night's episode included a woman whose husband hasn't seen her dressed up since 1998 (their wedding), and another preparing for a job interview.

And like any good makeover show, things have a tendency to get a little intense. The NYDN reports: "The goal is to include three clients per show, and if the first show is any indication, that will give each episode a full emotional basket." However, the end result isn't all tears. Dolan explains that her ultimate end goal for her clients is "to make everyone feel as good as I do."
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