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Scenes from Inside the Manolo Blahnik Sale in Midtown

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Today's Manolo Blahnik sample sale at the Warwick Hotel opens to VIPs at 9am and to the general public at noon. Fearless sale correspondent Pam Krywy will be on the scene all morning, so stay tuned for occasional updates about the state of the line.

8:28am: Good morning! I'm in the sale waiting room. As usual, newcomers are given tickets designating their shopping time. My ticket has an "H" on it. We'll see what that means.

8:35am: The sale is cash only. Hit the ATM before coming over.

8:42am: The sale is supposed to start at 9am for editors etc, but so far there aren't that many people here.

9:04am: A bit more about the ticketing system: If you've got a green ticket and a letter at the beginning of the alphabet, you're an invited VIP. If you have a pink ticket, like me, you won't get in until noon. They just called the A's.

10am: Now they're letting in the B group. This might take a while.

10:05am:I hear the VIP group goes up to D, so after that they might let the public in. Trying to confirm that. We'll see.

10:14am: Things are picking up. The green C's have been called.

10:24am: Right now green F is in.

10:30am: Ticket update: There doesn't seem to be any relationship between the green tickets and the pink tickets. So while I have a pink H, there are VIP shoppers who have green H's. Sadly, that means that we can't estimate the wait time based on what letter VIP group is currently shopping.

10:41am: Just spoke to someone leaving the sale. Apparently there are a ton of shoes in size 7, but not as many in the 9 to 9.5 range. Flats are limited, but they have many sky-high stilettos, and really, who goes to the Manolo sale for flats?

11:47am: Final call for all VIP green tickets!

11:56am: People started arriving at 5:30am to get a pink A ticket. Sale is about to open to the public.

12:12pm: Cell service is really spotty right now. A, B, and C pink ticket holders are in!

12:21pm: They've just called pink G. I'm next.

12:22pm: I'm in!

Head here for an early report from the sale, or step this way for the photo gallery and a more detailed look.

Manolo Blahnik

31 West 54th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019 (212) 582-3007 Visit Website

The Warwick Hotel

65 W. 54th Street New York NY