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A Boutique Bar Crawl; Inside the Hive Showroom Sale

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HOBOKEN—Ladies and gentleman, we've stumbled upon the ultimate drunk shopping experience, and it's happening this Saturday in Hoboken. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the PR firm FiftyFive Group will host a Boutique Bar Crawl between three stores: Air Studios, Platform Boutique, and 1FiftyFive. A full day's worth of cocktails, raffles, and spring shopping will kick off at 11am and end at 7pm—or, until you've flagged yourself. [RackedWire]

CHELSEA—Here's a video tour of the Hive Showroom sample sale that started today in Chelsea. It appears that this season, the Hive team invested heavily in all things "summer weight." Those items include light sweaters from Dear Cashmere, scarves from Luisa Brini and even a "summer suede" jacket from Bendetta Novi. [Sample Sally]

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