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You Could Spend All Day at the News Showroom Sale

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The first thing to know about the News sale, which brings together a range of cool young labels in a fifth floor space in Soho: It's completely enormous. The second thing to know: It's very well organized. The third thing to know: It's a lot better for women than for men.

Let's start with Cheap Monday, which is by far the largest selection of the sale. First off, Cheap Monday jeans are just $20 to $30, with the exception of the incredible $10 tables towards the back. Those are awesome, and not jut limited to smaller sizes. (The men's section also has a $10 denim table). At that price point, you can certainly justify picking up a few different colors and patterns—you'll find lemon yellow, cotton candy pink, and black and white stripes, among other options.

Shorts also run $20 to $30. This area is sectioned off based on size. The sale boasts an impressive stock of sizes, ranging from 24-36 in women's alone. Long, lightweight skirts are $20. We found one in an adorable floral print, as well as a pretty tie-dye one for $30. Women's jersey shirts and shorts are also only $20.

As for men's graphic tees, like one we found with a Cheap Monday skull on it, those are $20. Long sleeve and short sleeve plaid shirts are $30, and lightweight sweaters are $40. Towards the back you'll find a couple of racks of of underwear and swimwear for $10. Oh and if none of that satisfies you, there is a tank selling for $5. So to recap, basically everything Cheap Monday is under $50.

As for the back of the space, it's organized by brand and is colorized for your shopping pleasure. Clu tanks and tees are about $40 to $60 and there are a lot of them. We found a black ruffle tee that we liked for $50, while on the higher end, we spotted a long sweater with fur trim for $150. You'll find a variety of styles and we doubt that you'll be able to walk out without picking up one or two.

The back walls are lined with Rhie. Most items run $95 to $150; a black shimmery sweater that we liked was going for $120. The Creative Growth For Everybody items are mostly printed tees and are $20, like an adorable tank with a cat in a graduation cap and another one with dancing ice cream cones. After sifting through the Eternal Child racks, we found items like a pink Christian Dior shirt for $100 and a Vivienne Westwood plaid jacket for $200. R13 denim runs about $50 a pair, including a pair of hot pink shorts that we came across. You'll also find some fun jackets and furs in this area, like an acid-washed denim jacket for $200. Oh and if you are really in the mood to splurge, there's a 100% fox fur jacket for $1,600.

On to the shoes! Towards the front, you'll find Common Projects. Women's pumps ib basic colors like black and nude run about $150. There are some really nice lace-up oxford heels in both suede and leather that we loved in different shades of brown ($150 for suede, $200 for leather). Something to get really excited about: There are two $20 sample shoe bins filled with Cheap Monday and Anniel shoes. You'll have to dig for your size, but there are some goodies in there including sparkly ballet flats.

There is a whole table of Anniel shoes for $75-$99, including more ballet flat styles and leather lace-up flats in many different fabrics and prints. We also found some men's slip on shoes for $40 and some more Cheap Monday ones for $20.

Other brands you'll come across are Sacal, Chalayan, Folk, White Mountaineering, and CO. We liked a chic, emerald green, loose-fitting CO top for $135. Etten Eller bangles are $10 to $25. Also in the men's, you'll find lots of Tim sweaters. The sale runs through tomorrow from 10am—6pm. Be sure to bring cash, as they're not accepting credit cards.
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