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Six Big Sample Sales to Look Forward to This Summer

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There's definitely no shortage of sample sales happening this month, but by our count, there's still six big ones that have yet to be announced. Steven Alan should be happening any minute now, the hysteria-enducing Diane von Furstenberg sale usually takes place in early June, and Alexander Wang normally closes out the summer in August. Check out some of last year's big hitters after the jump to prep yourself for their arrival.

Date last year: May 19th through May 22nd
General discount: 30% to 75% off. Marais sandals started at $20 and Swedish Hasbeens clogs were $75. No.6 dresses were $150; Steven Alan dresses were $85 to $115; skirts were $55; pants and blazers were $75; and underwear was $5.
What to know: There are no fitting rooms, and since the sale is co-ed you might want to get your modesty plan together ahead of time. The merchandise tends to sell through quickly, so we suggest hitting this one up sooner rather than later. And here's something that's a bit annoying: You have to pay for Steven Alan merchandise separate from the other merchandise, so brace yourself for two lines. [More details]

Date last year: June 7th through June 10th
General discount: Up to 75% off. Tees were $40; pants, skirts, blouses, and sweaters were $80; dresses and jackets were $125; wrap dresses and vintage were $150; leathers were $250; and cocktail dresses and coats were $275.
What to know: Diehard DVF fans flock to this sale, so get ready for a really long line. Also, be prepared to squeeze through tiny aisles and possibly get stabbed by a hanger or two. [More details]

Date last year: June 10th through June 12th
General discount: 60% to 90% off. Shoes started around $125, and most were priced around $275. Men's shoes and boots started at $65, and sneakers were as low as $15. Bags started at $150, and ready-to-wear prices ranged from $50 to $600.
What to know: Last time around, there was no air conditioning, so wear a tank top. The racks are usually pretty stuffed so you will have to dig, and make sure to bring cash if you don't want to spend more than $100—that's the minimum for credit cards. [More details]

Date last year: June 14th through June 18th
General discount: Up to 60% off. Basic tees were $15; embellished ones were $20 to $35; shorts were $50; dresses ranged fro $35 to $125; knits went from $35 to $75; outwear was $50 to $150; and leather pieces were around $150. Men's polos were $20, chinos were $30, denim was $50, and other pants were $70.
What to know: Be on the lookout for samples with the word "sample" written on them in marker, and other damaged or weird merchandise. And we advise you to keep your expectations in check—you might get lucky, but you probably won't find an entire new wardrobe. [More details]

Date last year: June 16th through June 19th
General discount: Up to 65% off. Shirts were $40 to $95; pants were $95 to $125; dresses were $75 to $195; sweaters were $125; and jackets were $25 to $295. Accessories were $45 to $125, and shoes were all $195 unless they are Italian-made—those were $350.
What to know: Last year, the sale opened to the public a day ahead of schedule, so you might end up taking that "dentist appointment" earlier than planned. We've found that the shoe selection tends to have the best offerings, so head there first. [More details]

Date last year: August 3rd through August 7th
General discount: Up to 75% off. Bags were around $300; shoes started at $170; ready-to-wear started at $60; and the T line started as low as $35.
What to know: Head straight for the bags, because they tend to go ridiculously fast. However, despite rumors that there would be no additional shipments, they were restocked several times. [More details]

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