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Amarcord's Tiny Feet Happy Hour; A Sale for Keepin' It Local

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Just one of the tiny vintage shoes at Amarcord
Just one of the tiny vintage shoes at Amarcord

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WILLIAMSBURG—Do you have small feet and enjoy happy hour? Amarcord Vintage in Williamsburg will host a Tiny Feet Happy Hour at their Brooklyn store tomorrow from 7pm to 10pm. Here, you'll be able to check out vintage footwear "carefully curated to cater to our Cinderella-like clientele." Are your feet more Quasimodo than Cinderella? There will be shoes for you too, and everything in the store will be 10% off. [RackedWire]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Also happening tomorrow, AEA Jewelry and Thomas IV handbags will host a Keepin' It Local event to raise awareness of the benefits of local manufacturing. Stop by from 7pm to 9pm to shop the accessories sale, and to partake in a live raffle to win a piece from each designer. The proceeds from that will go toward Save the Garment Center and Made in NYC, so consider it your selfish good deed before dinner. [RackedWire]

Amarcord Vintage Fashion

223 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY