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Amanda Lepore Breezed Past the Line at the Louboutin Sale

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Image via Getty

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Here's one more way to get yourself on the list for the invite-only Christian Louboutin sale: Become an internationally-renowned transgender performance artist. Page Six reports that Amanda Lepore sashayed right past the 300-person line outside the sale yesterday morning and (per an anonymous witness) "demanded to be let in first — which she was." Lepore later told the gossip column that she bought four pairs of shoes and two handbags.

Page Six also informs us that there are two new rules this time around. The sale now caps purchases at eight pairs of shoes per person, and customers have to check their bags, leading (again, per a witness) to a pileup of Celine and Hermès in the corner.

As usual, plenty of uninvited guests tried to talk their way in. Page Six warns against trying to take the freight elevator, as there are guards outside the third-floor sale space as well as in the front lobby. Pretending to be a basketball wife won't work, either, though it might help to actually be married to an athlete: The wife of New York Knick Tyson Chandler was apparently one of yesterday's shoppers.
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