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Camper Raises the Roof on Prince Street

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A good deal of Soho shoppers have been aiming their attention toward the top-secret reboot of the Apple Soho emporium, but more watchful eyes at that intersection will find something of equal interest. Specifically, that the Camper flagship at 110 Prince Street is showing off something ingenious up top.

A crown in tubular cardboard, now under construction, gives the squat building a pagoda-style peak. What's visible points to Camper's wizard of design, Shigeru Ban—the man behind the store's bright red and white interiors, and creator of the Camper Pavilion that went up last year in Alicante, Spain.

Those in the know will recognize Shigeru Ban as the man behind the Metal Shutter Houses near the High Line, where the penthouse sold last year for $11.45 million. Also, back in 2005 he put up a huge temporary tent with cardboard supports for the Nomadic Museum on Pier 54. All this just goes to prove that a $7 million glass cube isn't the only way to attract those who are looking for ways to part with their money.
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