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One for the Boys: Gant's Epic Sample Sale

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There are two main reasons keeping dudes from regularly hitting up New York's endless glut of sample sales. One: There just isn't a lot of menswear. The standard sale might have two or so racks hidden in a rear corner beyond 64 racks of womenswear. Two: The sizes. They're limited and usually quite small.

Neither of these standard obstacles are true at the Gant sale, though. This time around it's being held at one of those sample sale shops on Fifth Avenye in the 20s rather than at Gant's showroom, and the space is chock full of menswear. Ballpark estimate, it's 80% for the guys (and there are loads of boxes still waiting to be unpacked).

And the sizing is both varied and generous. Gant's mainline tends to be a fuller cut than the Rugger and Michael Bastian lines, so those medium-sized tops and size 40 jackets are a bit more generous. Meanwhile, bottoms are mostly sized 34 across the board—so even the less slim have a chance with the slimmer Michael Bastian and Rugger collections (both of which are well represented). Further, you'll find some overstock items in assorted sizing. We spotted a lot of large-sized woven shirts and sweaters along with a handful of overstock wild cards. (A dot-motif intargia pullover in burgundy was only available in extra small and double extra large.)

While there's a huge amount of heavy winter garb situated way up front (down vests, parkas and peacoats and puffers, tweed blazers—$95 to $250), there's also a tremendous amount of seasonally appropriate gear in store. That includes some current Spring/Summer '12 merchandise, like the hippo-printed swim trunks and skinny ties we just spotted in Bloomingdale's last week.

Racks of woven shirts ($35) are spread randomly throughout. Look for oodles of classic oxfords in white and pink; summer chambrays in blue, black and gray; and electric-hued solids (lime green, turquoise, red.) We also found a symphony of bold broadcloth striping—horizontally banded, vertical pins, bengals, even some options with embroidery or contrast sleeves. Prints include tropicals and micro-florals. Sleeve lengths vary; there are even a handful of pullover tunics by Rugger.

There are seemingly a million pique polos ($25.) If you're looking for Gant branding, there's plenty. You'll also spot some great bold stripes and a few hilarious little prints (yes, those are turtles). Many of the sweaters ($40) are too heavy to be bothering with—the humidity is at least 600 percent right now—but a wide array and billowing summer knits are tucked among the heavy and the shawl-necked. Look for stripey tees ($20), Merino v-necks in pop colors, and easy pastel cardigans.

The pants ($35) are amazing, in every color and iteration you can think of. Turquoise, mustard, red, pink, denim, casual, dressy, twill, striped, embroidered with lobsters, fitted with contrast waistbands or pocket linings—endless options. The same can be said for shorts and trunks ($20.) And, if you look closely, you might find a blazer ($175) to match. There is a series of casual cotton twill sports jackets mixed in to the racks of double-breasted navy preppery. We loved the ocher, the off-red, the teal and the blue on white gingham. We also spotted—and you won't find pants to match—that red corduroy tuxedo blazer prominently featured in one of the brand's recent fashion shows.

Elsewhere there are huge bins of ties (rep stripes, lobsters, plaids, knits, those hippos); a vast clump of leather, rope and ribbon belts; a minimal assortment of shoes (mostly meh aside from a great pair of grayish bucks); 50,000 scarves ranging from spring and billowy to a ten pound American flag-themed blanket; and other small accessories (accessories, not including the more expensive bags, start at $10 and top out at $40).

So there's a lot of stock, but it's going very, very fast. Dudes love Gant. The sale runs through Saturday. Changing room situations and mirrors are there but limited. Credit cards are accepted. Prices are good—up to 80 percent off—and clearly stated on posted signage. (We will say that prices were a tad lower at previous events). This one, guys, is a must shop.
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