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Adorable Soho Windows from Scholastic and Stella McCartney

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While our childhood noses were tucked into Judy Blume books, kids these days have the chicer option of Zoe Gets Ready, the tale of a little girl who just can't decide on what to wear in the mornings. (Trust us, Zoe: It doesn't get any easier with age.) To celebrate the release of the book, the Scholastic store in Soho has created a life-size closet for Zoe in its store windows. And it's no wonder why she can't pick an outfit—her entire wardrobe is composed of Stella McCartney's spring 2012 children's line—shoe's included! If we had a closet of that breadth as a child, it probably would have taken us a little longer, too.
· Zoe Gets Ready [The Scholastic Store]

Stella McCartney

112 Greene Street, Soho, NY 10012 (212) 255-1556

The Scholastic Store

557 Broadway New York NY