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Pick Up a Pair of ScarJo's Lost in Translation Undies at Araks

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Though it started very quietly—no line, no hysteria, no mob—by about 8:45 this morning the Araks sample sale in Soho was in full swing. Araks, as you may recall, is the designer responsible for Scarlett Johansson underwear in Lost In Translation. The sale's selection was relatively small: six bins of very low-priced basics and swimwear, two racks of hanging lingerie, four racks of clothing, and some miscellaneous shoes. But the offerings were solid, and the before-work crowd was buying by the bundle. We expect the stock to be pretty well decimated by the sale's end tomorrow.

The bargain bins seemed to be first on all shoppers' lists. With swimwear tops and bottoms for $20 each, camis ranging from $10 to $20, chemises ranging from $10 to $35, and thongs for $5 to $10, they were hit hard by the first round of shoppers. Small sizes were limited in quantity to begin with, so we expect them to sell out first.

On the hanging racks, prices varied widely depending on fabric. Braletts ranged from $15 for soft cotton to about $85 for silks and meshes. Most chemises ranged from $40 to $60, and camis ranged from $40 to $100, depending on fabric and intricacy of their design. Panties ranged from $15 to $35. The sheer stretch cotton panties (like those that graced ScarJo's butt in the opening scene of Lost In Translation) were $15. While we didn't see any in pale pink, we loved the ones in a dark sea green shade. We were told that all items on the rack had back stock in various sizes and colors, so although the selection was noticeably thinned by the time we left, several girls were working to restock the rack.

The price ranges on the clothes were even wider. Blouses ranged from $30 to $400, and dresses ranged from $200 to 400. Pants and shorts were also in the mix ($200 range), and a lone $1300 coat stood out on the back rack. Finally, some miscellaneous shoes were stacked on the floor, with prices starting at $50.

The sale runs until 6:30pm tomorrow—but we'd recommend stopping by today if you want to get your hands on the best items.—Mallory Farrugia
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