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The Botkier Sale Is a Perfect Storm of Leather Goods

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If past Monica Botkier sample sales are any indication of what to expect, then we're in for the perfect sale storm when the doors at 225 Fifth Ave's Botkier sale open later on this drizzly morning. We took a sneak peek at the candy colored assortment of luscious leathers and can confirm one thing: This sale has got something for everyone.

In the calm before the storm, staffers laid the bags out on tables organized by size, style, and color. To incite mass confusion, pricing photo charts are clustered on the walls throughout the sale, but actually matching a photo with the bag you're coveting is rough, so you can expect confused shoppers crowded in front of each pricing list. Generally, current season styles are 50% off and past season styles top off at 75% off retail prices, and we've got the price list available at the end of our photo gallery.

If you've had your eye on a current season item, now is the time to make your move. You'll recognize many of the styles and colorways, such as the Stella clutch for $150 (originally $295), the Leon small satchel for $225 (originally $425), the Misha shoulder bag for $250 (originally $445), and the Turner Weekender for $375 (originally $745).

If a past season gem is more your style, you may want to do your research. The past season Leela Clutch for $125 (originally $345) seems like a pretty solid purchase, but Amazon currently has it in all three colorways for $143. Similarly, you probably shouldn't pick up an Eden Hobo, available for $295 (originally $545) at the sample sale. Zappos Couture has got it for a cool $251 in 4 colorways.

Two tables of one-offs and samples are located toward the back of the sale. Each bag is individually labeled with its price. We saw prices ranging from $50 to $200. The lower priced bags showed stains on the leather; the higher priced ones appeared to be blemish-free. Either way, the chances of finding a completely one-of-a-kind Monica Botkier creation are high and you should devote your time to these tables. But be wary—just because a bag is in the sample section doesn't mean it's a better deal than the stock merchandise. We spotted a sample of the Turner iPad case marked for $125 (originally $245), which is the same price that the stock version of the iPad case is going for.

Near the cash registers you'll find smaller leather goods and accessories. Stock items are Mb>$75, but sample wristlets and wallets are also mixed in and available for $25 to $50. There's also a few racks of picture perfect shoes only for lucky size 7s. These are by far the best deal in the room. Flats and sandals are going for $50, pumps and wedges for $75, and sample shoes are also individually marked for as low as $35. We didn't spot any accommodations for actually trying on shoes, but we might have been distracted by a pair of rainbow python-patterned pumps.

Staffers expect more shipments of stock bags and limited restocking of one-off and sample bags (we hear they have a few more boxes in the back). There are a few full-length mirrors on the floor, but certainly not enough to accommodate Botkier's many fans.

The sale runs through Sunday May 6th. Sale hours are 11am-8pm Tuesday through Friday and over the weekend, hours are 10am-4pm. Cash and credit accepted.—Kiran
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