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Is Azealia Banks the Met Gala's Replacement for Nicki Minaj?

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Banks in action at Coachella. Image via Getty.
Banks in action at Coachella. Image via Getty.

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On Friday, rapper Azealia Banks tweeted that she was going to the Met Gala as Alexander Wang's date. Yesterday, she elaborated:

I've Been invited to Perform for PRADA next week in NYC! Gonna b so lush !! Let's see what new songs I debut there! #metball2012
But now the tweets are gone from her feed. Page Six suspects that she was asked to remove them to keep her performance a surprise, which, well: too late. The gossip column also reports that Nicki Minaj was the gala's first choice, but since she never signed a contract, organizers Vogue and Prada brought in Banks instead.
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