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Did the Olsens' Unloved Copies of Modelland Just Get Donated?

Image via <a href="http://housingworksbookstore.tumblr.com/post/20539207473/this-happened-is-happening-this-being-we-seem-to">Housing Works Bookstore Cafe</a>/Tumblr
Image via Housing Works Bookstore Cafe/Tumblr

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Though the exact circumstances are a little unclear, it appears that two copies of Tyra Bank's Modelland book that were intended for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been donated to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. The store posted the above picture to their Tumblr, with the accompanying note:

This happened/is happening, this being we seem to have gotten a donation of Tyra Banks' "fantasy novel" Modelland, with one copy for Ashley Olsen and one for Mary-Kate Olsen. Note: Tyra's notes are different. Ashley's ends "smile" [update: or is that "smize"?] and MK's ends "stay fierce and fabulous." Also, from the two pages I read Modelland is like ANTM meets Hunger Games. The pair can be yours! Holler if you're interested.

Considering what we know about Tyra Banks, it's pretty likely that she sent copies over to the Olsens. And considering what we definitely know about Modelland, it's pretty likely that they would have no interest in reading it whatsoever. Though we doubt they hand-delivered the books themselves, we're pretty sure that they have plenty of assistants to dispose of all their unwanted free crap.

So, interested? Housing Works adds that the "auction details are forthcoming".

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