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Celebrity News Round-Up: Oprah, Adrian Grenier, Jake Gyllenhaal

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Image via Getty

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Celebrities: They're all over our city, giving people their shoes and getting kicked out of the Park Slope Food Coop and pretending to be spin instructors. Here's a round-up of today's news about famous people doing things:

1.) At Radio City Music Hall on Monday, Oprah Winfrey kicked off her $800-plus Louboutins and offered them to a member of the audience. Based on the Daily News account, it sounds like she just got sick of delivering her "Master" class while wearing uncomfortable heels.

2.) Adrian Grenier has been kicked out of the Park Slope Food Coop for failing to meet the volunteer requirements. Coop members have to work for two hours and 45 minutes once a month, but according to the Daily, he didn't make it to a single shift. Don't even try to joke about how he should have just gotten Turtle to do it—the Coop has strict rules against outsourcing.

3.) Jake Gyllenhaal took the stage at the Union Square SoulCycle on Monday, spinning next to an instructor in an afternoon class. A Page Six source says he was wearing "a black tank top, shorts and full beard dripping in sweat," which is definitive proof that trendy facial hair and trendy gym classes just don't mix.
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