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Comptoir des Cotonniers Takes Another 30% Off

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Starting today, everything at the first-ever Comptoir des Cotoniers sample sale is now another 30% off. Reader reviews were mixed over the weekend, so we stopped by yesterday afternoon to see for ourselves.

The French basics brand has set up shop at midtown sale mecca Clothingline. Last time we checked out the space, for the Club Monaco sale, it was a bit of a mess. Remember the safety pinned sleeves, stained items, and Sharpied pink leather bag? You'll find none of that here. What you will find, however, is a ton of untainted merchandise divided into sections by size around the space.

The first area is all about extra-larges. Walk a little further towards the the middle of the room to find larges, and reach the mediums, smalls, and extra-smalls in the back. Each section has its share of basic tees for $15, other tops for $65, jackets for $120, bottoms for $50 and dresses for $80. (Note that all prices listed are from before the extra 30% off.)

An area for shoes and accessories also begs for your attention. Tights are $10, belts are $40, bags are $65, sneakers are $60, and other shoes are $90. Hats, gloves, scarves, swim and small accessories are all $30. While you won't walk away with anything for the price of a candy bar, you'll still get that French ladylike utilitarian style for a lot less than retail.

Now for the bad news: The selection could be better. Still, you can find some great looks in a color palette of mostly khakis, grays, blues, and reds. Check the gallery for a mustard grosgrain ribboned felt hat for $21 with the new discount (was $120), basket woven gray sandals now going for $63 (were $260), a breezy summer maxi dress, now $56 (was $200), and cuffed jeans, now $35 (were $145.) We also liked a royal blue jacket, now $84 (was $295).

Most of the items here, like a host of floral blouses, could take you from spring into summer. To that we say: Oui, oui!
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